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From the JTL Archive: The Smallest Hits of 1979

Sunday, Lemmy and Me, Part Five

Sunday, Lemmy and Me, Part Four

Twelve Christmas Wishes (Plus Three!)

Sunday, Lemmy and Me, Part Three

Yeah, Life's a Rollerball

Sunday, Lemmy and Me, Part Two

Setting Sons: The Flipped Script

It's Christmas Time in the City

Sunday, Lemmy and Me, Part One

Introducing CROSSED CHANNELS: A New Podcast

Music to Watch Christmas Elves By (2023 Edition)

Two for the Road

In-Flight Entertainment

Thankful N' Thoughtful

Daddy's Little Fatty

Rude, Confused and Obnoxious

When You're Down That's Where You'll Stay

An Album for Armistice Day

Waiting for the Man

"We Didn't Write For No Record Companies"

Beatles, Disco and Popcorn

Lemmy's Right Hand

"So... What Do You Guys Like to Do in Poughkeepsie?"

If You Have Ghosts

Come Live Your Secret Dream

Hold My Life

The Egyptian Tomb

Nightmares, Evil Hoodoo and Other Bad Trips

Go-Go Godzilla

Black Sabbath in the California Sun

Halloween Jams

Mad Monster Party

Season of the Witch

Grease is NOT the Word

More Dearly Than The Spoken Word Can Tell

Both Sides? Nah

Beach Boys (from) Holland

Autumn is Your Last Chance

Koss Vs. Sonic

Breeze Blows Leaves of a Musty-Coloured Yellow

At the Deli with Uncle Chaim, Part 2

At the Deli with Uncle Chaim, Part 1

A Big Warm Bun and a Huge Hunk of Meat

Wide Awake Crescent Shaped Smile

Chicago... and the Road to California

What Post Is It That You Wanna Read?

"I'll Get You, Dio!"

It Was 45 Years Ago Last Week

And Not Think About the Empty Day

"It Was All About the Subtleties"

Mechanical Man Overboard

He Stood in a Field Where Barley Grows

Baseball, Music and Loving the Evil Empire

What's Wrong Today is What's Wrong With You

Lifting Weights with Ken

The Puckett List

I Want to Sleep with You in the Desert Tonight

Nothin' But a Number

Summer Gladness

You're in My Heart, You're in My Stomach

The Rainbow is Black

Smilin' Dave

Spin Cycle

I'm Not Braggin' on Myself, Baby

Genius of Love

Dear Dad

I Feel Love

A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness

Soul and Inspiration

Thick As Thieves

Bold Soul Sister

All Kinds of People Doing Their Thing Together

Portrait of the Writer as a Young Guitarist

But Ya Doesn't Hasta Call Me Disco

I'll Always Love My Mama

Thy (Not So) Humble Minstrel

Vida Who? Vida Blue!

Time Wraps Around You

Platinum Tour

Rocket to Heaven Tonight

I Ain't Evil, But I Ain't Good

But Definitely For Me

An Evening With The Godfather

Flop — Whenever You're Ready

"Just Hating People for the Pure Fact That They're F*cking Tossers..."

A Rock N' Roll Fantasy

Flirtin' With Disaster at the Brat Stop

Tributes to a King

Herbal Remedies

What a Fine Thing to Make Love and Survive

Mr. October... and Mr. March

Rush Hour

I Know You'll Love Me Like You Should

Pepi's Playground

"I'm Chinese, Dammit!"

It Was 56 Years Ago Today...

Love is More Than Words

The First-Ever Jagged Time Lapse Poll!

Move Like a Cat, Charge Like a Ram, Slip Like an Oaf

Hirt So Good


It was 51 Years Ago Today...

Fly High, Raquel

Burt Offerings

It Was 55 Years Ago Today...

Goofy Greats

Some Guy Named Ernie

Let's Recapture All the Rapture

And I'll Do Unto You What You Do To Me

The Fool Over the Hill

But You Die Inside When You Choose to Hide

"You Just Want to See a Couple of Fat Guys Wrestle!"

Michigan Ain't Where I Get My Kicks

Wild About Elvis

Screaming For Vengeance

Getting Heavy... with Ferrante & Teicher